Robust technology solutions for secure and demanding federal environments

Our technology experts include many former federal and military personnel who are passionately committed to our mission as a tribally owned company, and to yours.

We are built upon 10 years of successful federal agency support

As Bodwé contract support services for federal agencies has grown over the past decade, we have found increasing need and opportunity in the technology solutions arena, particularly with the Department of Defense and Federal Civilian sectors. Our response is Bodwé Technology Solutions, where our highly skilled team members keenly understand how to leverage robust IT solutions to enhance government functions and services, and to enable transparent, efficient, secure, and accountable federal operations.

Our philosophy and values

As a tribally-owned group of companies on mission to grow the economy and legacy of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, we fuel our work through our shared values. The Pokagon Seven Generations philosophy instills in us the value of working together to plan for our shared future and for what may come for generations we will never meet. This is not a plaque on our wall, our values are embedded in how we work and relate to each other and our clients and partners.

Wisdom | Mbwakawenewen

To cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom. Wisdom is given by the Creator to be used for the good of the people.

Love | Debandewen

To know peace is to know Love. Love must be unconditional. When people are weak they need love the most.

Respect | Wdetenmewen

To honor all creation is to have Respect. All of creation should be treated with respect. You must give respect if you wish to be respected.

Bravery | Wedasewen

Bravery is to face the foe with integrity. To do what is right even when the consequences are unpleasant.

Honesty | Kwekwadzewen

Honesty in facing a situation is to be brave. Always be honest in word and action. Be honest first with yourself, and you will more easily be able to be honest with others.

Humility | Edbesendowen

Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of Creation. You are equal to others, but you are not better.

Truth | Debwewen

Truth is to know all of these things. Speak the truth. Do not deceive yourself or others.


Our name inspires how we serve our Indigenous, federal, municipal, transportation, and community clients

The Bodewéwadmik people, or Potawatomi, have long been identified as the keepers of the fire. Our name, Bodwé, comes from their rich history and language, and from our ties to the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, whose Tribal land is found in southwest Michigan. Bodwé means to light a fire for someone; or in other words, to meaningfully serve another. As a family of companies offering professional services in partnership with many diverse clients, the name Bodwé suits us perfectly. You will find Indigenous tradition woven into our brands and identities and, more importantly, our values and ways of working.

Success and growth driven by the Bodwé vision

As wholly owned companies of the Pokagon Band, the mission and values we hold, and the name we have chosen, lead us to brave and meaningful service for Indigenous, civic, veteran, student, patient, and wildlife communities.


Contact us

To learn more about our Federal Support Services, please drop us a note. If you are interested in joining Bodwé as a contractor or in a staff position, see our Careers page.

Bodwé Professional Services

415 E. Prairie Ronde St.
Dowagiac, Michigan 49047

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